Herbs Can Be A Good Investment In Your Health

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Herbs Can Be A Good Investment In Your Health - Andrew Hidayat (AndrewHidayat.com)
Herbs Can Be A Good Investment In Your Health – Andrew Hidayat (AndrewHidayat.com)

Style Sync Me – Herbs Can Be A Good Investment In Your Health. Have you ever thought about starting your own herb garden in your back yard or even in your window sill?  If not, it’s time for you to give it some thought.  Why?  Well, you may not realize that medicinal herbs can be a great investment in your health by incorporating them into your simply eating organic plan.

Herbs are cheap to start growing and most are easy to grow as well. The wonderful news is that herbs can replace a variety of the over the counter medications that you are taking. Although you may have only heard of herbs like mint for tea or oregano in pasta sauces, this merely scratches the surface of what herbs can do for you.

One example is aloe vera. You can easily grow it, and it is excellent for burns or for treating cuts. Basil, although you may think of it for cooking, can be used medicinally as an expectorant for the lungs and throat, can treat ear aches, and basil tea can help to settle the stomach.

Lavender is an herb that is both beautiful and useful.  In aromatherapy it is used as a calming agent. The oil or sachets of lavender can help to treat insomnia and to relieve headaches. Mint can be useful for treating an upset stomach, is great for helping to control dandruff, and can even freshen breath.

Rosemary is an herb that is an excellent analgesic, helping to relieve pain, it is a natural way to freshen breath, and also helps to improve circulation.

As you can see, medicinal herbs can be used in a variety of herbs. Take time to learn more about herbs and how you can use them. All you need is some seeds or young plants that are not genetically modified, some soil, and with some care you can start growing herbs, making a great and natural investment in your health.  By eating simply organic and including your own herbs into your cooking as well as personal products, you can eliminate a lot of products that include chemicals your body doesn’t need and your taste buds won’t miss. (Andrew Hidayat/ZERO.id)

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