Foods From The Fields Or Your Local Labs

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Foods From The Fields Or Your Local Labs - Andrew Hidayat (
Foods From The Fields Or Your Local Labs – Andrew Hidayat (

Style Sync Me – Foods From The Fields Or Your Local Labs. While you may not have heard much about it, nanotechnology foods are out there.  Basically, these foods have been produced by the use of nanotechnology.  However, what you may be wondering is if these foods are good for you or if you should stick with foods from the fields.

Well, when it comes to nanotechnology foods, they definitely promise a lot.  They promise that this technology for foods will help to improve the processing, the safety, and the packaging.  Nutrition and flavor is supposed to be improved as well.  Proponents of this technology also say that increased production is also a benefit of these foods, which definitely sounds good in a world where there are many people starving every day.

Wondering who may be using nanotechnology foods today?  You may be surprised.  Some of the big manufacturers of foods are blazing this new trail in technology.  Some big names include Kraft, Altria, Heinz, Unilever, and Nestle.  However, try going to these company websites and you won’t find any information on this new food technology that they are working with.

When it comes to nanotechnology foods, one of the most promising benefits happens to be new food packaging.  New packaging materials are being used that will help to keep food safer and improve their shelf life as well.

Of course, there are definitely some concerns about this new technology as well.  Some organizations feel that there needs to be more regulations put on nanofood until further testing has been done to make sure this type of food is safe.  This kind of uncertainty is just another reason to eat simply organic.

In the end, it will take some more studies and information to decide which option is better for you – foods from the fields or the nanotechnology foods from local labs. (Andrew Hidayat/


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