All Eggs Are Not The Same Report Of Andrew Hidayat

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All Eggs Are Not The Same Report Of Andrew Hidayat (
All Eggs Are Not The Same Report Of Andrew Hidayat (

Style SyncAll Eggs Are Not The Same Report Of Andrew Hidayat. When was the last time you thought about where your eggs came from? Do you even know if your eggs are from mass producing egg farms or if your eggs come from free range chickens? If not, it’s time to learn the difference between organic free range eggs and eggs that come from caged chickens.

First, it’s important to realize how good eggs can be for you. While eggs often get a bad rap, they are actually a great food source that provides healthy proteins and very few carbohydrates. However, you may not realize that there is a difference in the nutrition that comes from organic free range eggs and eggs that are mass produced.

You already know that eggs come from chickens. This means that they have to get the nutrients from their diet when they produce eggs. The problem with mass produced eggs is that chickens are kept in tiny cages, chemical hormones and antibiotics are pumped into them, and they eat feed made of questionable ingredients. In fact, many of these chickens basically go crazy in this environment.

Many chicken farms across the world have these kinds of conditions. In some cases, the chickens become violent, attacking themselves or other chickens. To avoid this practice, often their beaks are cut off. Even amidst this horrible treatment, these chickens are still producing eggs, even though they don’t have a natural environment.

Free range chickens are not given hormones or antibiotics. They are allowed to freely run around instead of being cooped up in small cages. They are treated humanely. In most cases, these free range organic eggs provide better nutrition and you can feel better about eating them as well.

Next time you buy eggs at the store, think about where those eggs are coming from. All eggs are not the same. You can choose mass produced eggs, knowing how these chickens are treated and about the chemicals injected into them or you can choose organic eggs. Now that you know the difference, making the right choice is important. Organic eggs make the right ethical choice and the right nutritional choice as well.


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